Friday, January 25, 2008


Contrary to most of you who like to blame the politicians for what is happening whether 8,14,or even 25.87. I Officially hold the "Lebanese People" highly responsible for what Lebanon has lately become. I congratulate you for turning Lebanon from what used to be called "Pearl of the East" to "the New Arab Yugoslavia". Your blind political affiliations and your double loaded talk are nauseating. All of you, with no exceptions,have continuously put your political preference over true nationalism ("the sacrifice of the self for the greater national interest"). Even when your own leaders daily betray their own words, you still stand by them, defend them, even if it leads to your own demise and ridicule. Thats not commitment, thats blindness. Words like Democracy , Accountability and governance are just words you like throw trying to trick others and yourself into thinking that you really know the what/who/where/and when , at a time when most of you , have no idea of what is really going on in your own backyard. You've never practiced what you preach. The blood of today's martyrs is on the hands of all of you. And the most important martyr of Today's Bombing used to be known under the nickname "Lebanon". Lebanon is soon on the verge of collapse and most of you are still in an transcendental comma. NEITHER hariri, nor Aoun or Nasrallah or Sanioura or Geagea are the solution to this country's dilemna. You , singly as individuals and collectivey as "the people" hold the key. So if you really care as much as you like to claim, take control of what is your right, and exercise your democratic rights as citizens(including accountability) over all politicians including your own. Until then, you can go back to your pathetic finger pointing and blame game while the country burns to ashes.
You've given a whole new mearning to the Lebanese proverb: " Whoever digs a pit for his brother will fall into it himself."
Until then.
over and out


poshlemon said...

I definitely agree with you. While our politicians are a shame, they are not to be fully held accountable for this crippled atmosphere. The people have a hand in this. However, it's a vicious circle. The more you blame one of them, that leads to more blame on the other one, thus you're back to square 1.

The country's burning to ashes. Yep. I just left a long comment in another blog on my frustration and sadness regarding what's happened and what's been happening. I care not to repeat myself here but I'd like repeat that I am sad, disgusted, afraid... you know.

Kio said...

zerolando I couldn't agree more,
I wrote in a recent post that only the people have that power to change the status quo;
But that we can't blame the people much either zerolando, because everyone is just fighting to survive.. trying to make ends meet.

there's nothing to be afraid of.. on the other hand: be disgusted, be angry, be mad... because these feelings are empowering enough to force a change.

But worry and fear shouldnt have a place.. simply because whatever happens in life, we as humans are equipped to handle anything.. and whatever happens, happens.. just don’t over think it :)

Nice blog zerolando

poshlemon said...


fear is natural in these circumstances. I could lie to myself and pretend that I am not shaken. Matter of fact is, I am. I am afraid for the ones I love, for my city, for my country, for everything that has been achieved to be lost. Not to be afraid of fear... This fear is what leads to the emotions you mentioned that may drive and force change. At least for me.