Monday, October 12, 2009

Nobel Peace prize for Obama? Why not?

I have recently stumbled across a couple of blogs which expressed surprise at the news that Barack Obama is one of the candidates of the Noble peace Prize.
My take on the issue and in no way am i an expert on Obama related stuff is the following:

Most people , especially those who feel at odds with this newsbit forget that Obama wasn't just born yesterday and became president the day after. To become president, usually, you probably have a long history of political life/activity/activism whatever, which led you to being chosen the Democrats party representative which in turn allowed you to run for president.
Therefore it is not necessary that Obama the President is being rewarded in here but maybe the long and maybe exceptional political life of Obama which eventually led him to the White House in his case..
Makes sense doesn't it?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fooled By Randomness?

Watching Nassim Taleb yesterday on TV gave me the desire to post something despite being so overloaded by work i even forget what day it is.
I for once, am a firm believer in randomness. Accepting that life is random, that we don't really know everything , that we can't predict much and still finding a way to live with all of that is the kind of freedom and state of mind that might allow people to live better and maybe even suffer less when they do actually get to suffer.
We try to explain and control our environment but most of the time we do that in retrospective way fooling ourselves into thinking that it was so obvious all along and it could have been predicted. Pondering about this concept during the day led me to the conclusion that believing so does not necessarily contradict neither religion nor science in general, something which i found pretty interesting. More randomness is the price we pay for being arrogant and take big risks.
We almost never make empirical observations/conclusions . We prefer to use events to rather reinforce our own point of view of how we think things work or should work. We never admit that we don't know too much and we forget that you can learn more from a loser then a winner.
On a different note, when will we ever learn to be more efficient and less lazy at work?