Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things I miss the most

Writing the "Things I miss the most" list was never easy. For one, I don't know where to start then there is my mind which automatically starts prioritizing, classifying and doing braintype housework.Just a glimpse of things and people I used to look forward to everyday. in no particular order:

- Life in NYC. The people, the dynamism, the bad trash smell in Manhattan in the mornings, the late nights/afterwork cigar smoking with the next door business owners, the greek neighbourhood in Queens, the financial district, the weird people in front of the NY public library and certainly Broadway and 42nd Street.
- Paulo my bro, Ulla, Tobias, James, Gilbert, Rita, Haz, Maria and Silvia.
- Darmstadt, Kaufhof and Luisenplatz,Karlshof and its parties,Oettinger and Darmstadtaer beer. The French, the spanish & the italians, the germans, the brasilians and certainly the scandinavian ability to drink so much alcohol.Playing poker with Alex, Robert, the buggies & Daniel. 10B 24 and the endless police tickets we got. Lunch at mensa and the daily coffee at 603qm. Tuesday's Kneipenabend and Thursdays' Schlosskeller nights. The Jam Sessions on Wednesdays in the An Sibin. The song writing sessions with Thomas and Tiago. Alcindo, Mary, Alice, Eduardo, Esther, Eva, Johanna,Julia , Obi......
Cigarette time

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poshlemon said...

Interesting list. It seems as though you're not enjoying your stay in I wrong?