Saturday, February 23, 2008

Admittance is the first step to recovery

zerolando said...

"Its funny how each and every lebanese thinks he's got the magic recipe to the lebanese dilemna. So as usual , they all, just like you in this post, indulge in giving lessons in Democracy, a freedom they've never even tasted before. Talk about oxymorons. Your words my friend, are like thin air, they failed cause they've got no weight. In real life time politics ,it simply means your words have got no credibility. And its not because you're an avid supporter of the loyals or the opposition. Its simply because you're a "lebanese political party" supporter. That by itself carries a lot of meanings, the most relevant of which is that you are not Playmakers within the same political parties to which you claim you adher. Not once, in the history of this country, have I seen one lebanese "leader" come up and publicly say something that is against his own personal opinion/interest, but says it anyway because the majority of his party constituents decided so.(Tony Blair and the complete adherence of the UK to the European Monetary union is one such simple example. Tony Blair really wanted it, but people voted against it in the referendum, thus it did not happen). Not once has a lebanese leader made a referendum. Not once those who are actually mobilized to march on the street for this side or that side,in Downtown or Roueiss, been allowed to vote in their respective political party. So do not claim you talk in the name of which you don't understand. Because in this country, you're all sheep. If Lebanon was the NBA, you're certainly not the players, not even those who sit on the bench. You're rather the cheerleading team. You go down the "game court" when you're asked to, you make noise when you're asked to, you entertain when you're asked to, and you leave the court no questions asked.
So if you really care about your country as you would like us to believe, maybe you should admit that none of you actually practice the democracy they preach each other about, not even in your own homes. Admittance is the first step to recovery.
Good Day"


_z. said...

heh. smart and true.
what post did you write this for? I would like to see it in context.

poshlemon said...


so would I like to see which post this was written for. I like how you've expressed it all. It's very clear-cut and straight to the point. Mostly, I admire how you likened Lebanon to the NBA and its citizens to cheerleaders.